Hordes Eval 2015 P1




Last tournament (Hordes & Allies edition 2015) we’ve had the honor of hosting our doubles tournament for 29 teams in WHFB & 16 teams in WH40k. From these 90 participants we received 30 filled out evaluation forms. First of all we want to thank all of the guys and girls who’ve gone the extra mile and provide us with this kind of feedback. We all hope that it allows us to make our tournaments better and even more fun for you all.


We’ll deal with some general topics first before we delve into the specifics for WHFB & WH40k.


The first topics we’ve enquired about are the information and support you get beforehand: Publishing of the rulespack, answering the questions etc… We see a staggering amount of 4 and 5’s. Pretty good scores BUT among the WHFB players we find a single score of “1”(very bad) and across both systems we find a couple of “3”s. Although a minority, we still want to address some possible issues that we see here. We want to publish the rulespack a little earlier. Too early has its own downside due to the staggering tempo of new releases by GW. Furthermore we aim to be a lot smoother in answering questions. However, we do have some issues with how we would like you to ask these questions. We’ll explain this a bit in the future. As a final point we hope to further streamline the general rules of conduct and tournament specific rules. We want less text with more clarity.

The following “common” topics are: the reception at the venue, opening speech and catering. Again, generally speaking pretty high scores, but with a few mediocre scores for the reception at arrival and opening speech. We think we might have become a little bit complacent, organizing these tournaments for a couple of years. We might do a bit more for new attendants. On the other side we also do not want to overburden the opening speech. We want to start the tournament as soon as possible. For catering we see a couple of low scores and we believe them to be based on a logistical issue. In general we provide a mixture of sandwiches. However, some vegetarians didn’t get to the food stand before we ran out of “non-meat” sandwiches. Of course we’d like to address this in future tournaments. People with special diets or allergies can notify us at the latest 1 week before a tournament. As long as it is feasible for us, we’ll provide them with a separate food package. The rulespack will also mention this.


Before we delve into the gaming-system specific topics, we’d like to discuss your evaluation of our painting and wysiwyg system/judging. Even more so than the previous topics we see a torrent of high scores with only a few low scores. As the evaluation is anonymous, we can only make the assumption that the few low scores correspond with those players who lost some points in the wysiwyg category. We know we are pretty strict but this is something that we most definitely do not want to change. Over the years we’ve seen that the strict ruling and judging of these categories has improved the visual quality of the armies that we encounter at our tournaments. We believe this is an enormous plus-side. What is cooler than playing fun battles against beautiful armies? There was 1 low score (2) for the painting judging system. As we are eager to improve on this we are very interested to know why? If you are that guy…..please feel free to contact us.

After all “general” points we’ve reached the gaming system specific issues. And here things are a lot less black and white. Let’s take off with the smallest crowd but with the most evaluation forms (32 attendants/16 forms):



In composition rules for the armies we see rather spread out scores between 3 and 5, with 1 big “low”(1). As we’ll talk about the comments later, we’ll put that single exception on the side for now. I do understand that there are quite some mixed feelings about this topic. As an organization we’re struggling to find a balance in this. We strive to change as little as possible to the game. We don’t see ourselves as game designers. We leave that task to the designers of the game.

This brings me to the scenarios. We try our best to compensate the appearance of too crazy and too “unbalanced” lists – how subjective these terms might be- by writing interesting scenarios. And when we look at the spread of the votes for most fun and least fun scenarios, we think we’ve succeeded. Almost all 3 of the scenarios get the same number of votes as positive scenario. And save for scenario 3, the same is true for least fun scenario. This tells us that depending on the type of list, the army etc… there is a huge variation in what is seen as the favorite scenario. That way we succeed in “leveling” the playing field.

Concerning the smoothness and judging of the battles we almost exclusively see positive results.

Amongst the staggering number of positive scores, there are a couple of mediocre scores for our terrain. We know that especially in WH40k terrain can have a huge impact on the fun of a game. We are making big efforts and investments in new terrain and we hope that our continued efforts will positively influence your future evaluations. If you have suggestions/inspiration for certain themes, don’t be shy. Let us know.


Composition seems to be less an issue with the fantasy battle crowd. However, we’re afraid that this will be influenced by “End times” and ultimately the following edition of the game. We did get some “3”s here, but we’re not quite sure about what to make of that.

For the scenarios we see a similar pattern to that of the WH40k scenarios and I believe that’s a good thing. Only scenario 1 is unbalanced in so far that it’s the least popular. So we might need to tweak that. Again, there have been made some further remarks, so we’ll talk about it a little more in depth soon.

The judging and smoothness has also been found generally positive with a couple of mediocre scores and some remarks. The remarks will, again, be talked about in the next “article”.

As a final issue, we see a rather big cluster of “3”s for terrain. We admit that at the moment WHFB hasn’t received much new terrain. Together with the extra effort for WH40k terrain, we’ll also take an in depth look at WHFB and its specific terrain needs. To tease a little bit: “the last giveaway….gave something away ;-)”