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Grand Tournament 2016



November 12&13, 2016

Eindhoven, Netherlands


Cost: € 35,00


Rulespack online: Download here

Registration open: 1th August

For more information about te venue, please folow the next link:








Why changing the venue?

The Grand Tournament will be held at the city of Eindhoven for the first time this year. After over a decade we had to say goodbye to the location of Tilburg University Sportscentre.

There were several reasons to make this decision, the most important was:

The new venue give's us the possibility to keep on organising the Grand tournament event.


All this has some consequenses:

Ticket price is greatly reduced;

Competitors get free entry to the 'Spellenspektakel' event;

No more Barbeque (sadly);

a New way of registering for the tournament (more inforation on that will follow).


You will probebly have some questions, all of these we hope to answer in time. If you can't wait, you're free to contact us on: